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Residential Window Films

Window tinting and films can help you save money on your home's energy bill all year around. It can also help reduce glare, block the UV rays that cause fading.
Residential Window Films


From office buildings to restaurants to retail outlets, every commercial space can benefit from a simple window film upgrade.
Commercial Window Films

Government & Public Buildings

Airports, schools, libraries and more can improve their security systems and increase privacy with ease by choosing window film from Fort Worth Window Film.
Window Film for Public Buildings

The Best Window Film For Homes In Your Fort Worth Neighborhood

Security Window Film


Wedgewood is a pretty safe neighborhood but just like in any big city, crime and break-ins happen here too. You can’t stop someone from trying to break into your home but you can stop them from actually getting through your windows with security window film. Because with security window film applied it takes a number of blows to actually penetrate the glass, in which case cases burglars usually move on to an easier target before authorities arrive. For even more advanced protection, specialty adhesives, like C-bond and window framing systems used in coordination with premium window film make windows resistant to bullets and bombs.
Energy Efficient Window Film

Arlington Heights

In the neighborhood of Arlington Heightsl, the residents are known for being progressive and embracing green initiatives like energy conservation. For these forward thinking people however, green practices are as much about saving the planet as saving money too. The benefits of window film that are energy efficient are plentiful from eliminating hot and cold spots to reducing glare. However, the best part of installing energy efficient window film for all of our customers is watching their energy bills go down after it is applied to their Arlington home’s windows and it will be for you too! s that cause fading.
Fade Prevention Window Film

Tcu-West Cliff

In a neighborhood like Tcu-West Cliff where the homes are old home and have gorgeous towering windows, there is undoubtedly a need for solar control window film to block UV rays from deteriorating, wood flooring, upholstery, furnishing, and artwork. The sun is notorious for wreaking havoc on anything nearly every material from wood to fabric. Happily, window film for fade prevention is a powerful solution to fading and sun bleaching of the furnishings. It also protects you and your family from illnesses that stem from too much exposure to the sun like certain forms of cancer and premature aging.
Privacy Window Film


Let’s face it, in a city the size of Fort Worth, privacy is a commodity. Especially, when you live in extremely close quarters in neighborhoods like Southside. For residents here, it is essential to find creative and cost-effective ways to keep the prying eyes of your neighbors and strangers out of your home. Window film gives you the privacy you need but still allows you to choose as little or as much coverage as you need on your windows. Best of all, it does not block off natural light. Decorative window films can also be used on cabinets and for interior window embellishment too!

What Can Window Film do for your Fort Worth Home, Commercial, or Office Space?

FAST Enterprises Before and After

Fort Worth Window Film is acclaimed for providing innovative, affordable window film solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We’re proud to help our community transform dysfunctional, existing rooms into practical, comfortable spaces. Our award winning customer service sets us apart from other window film contractors. Experience the Scottish Difference and discover solutions with a great ROI.

Window Film in Action

How does window film work?

Window film is a very thin, polyester based laminate, which is designed to be placed on the interior or exterior surface of an existing glass window to provide any number of benefits to the building or automobile upon which it is applied. Most films are designed to prevent the transmission of UVA radiation, a naturally occuring component of sunlight.
Solar control window films are designed to insulate windows, preventing heat transmission from the exterior and preventing air from the interior from escaping.
Security films are stronger and thicker than solar control films, and are designed to bond window panes together in the event of an impact from the interior or exterior. Decorative films are treated to mimic textured glass, or can be printed on utilizing a specialty printer to create large, custom window graphics.

Window Tinting vs. Window Film

Window film is a generic term for all of the laminate window treatment products we offer. Window film can be clear, tinted, textured, or even printed on. Window tinting is a type of window film which has been tinted utilizing metallic alloys or synthetic dyes to allow less visible light transmission through the glass.

Residential Window Film

Window film clients who install film in their homes normally do so for a couple of reasons. The most obvious reason is to prevent excessive heat build up in the home during the summer months and secondly to prevent damage from UV rays to the interior furnishings, drapes, floors and artwork. However there are other benefits of window film that many of us don’t even think of. For example, the films are so energy efficient that they pay themselves back in a few short years allowing hundreds of dollars a year in savings after the film is paid off. Another incredible benefit of window film is that it prevents sun damage. Most people think that they are protected from the sun when they are behind a pane of glass but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Even the best double and triple pane Low E windows can only give partial protection to your skin. However, most of our window films will give you 99.9% UV protection. If you’ve ever spoken to a dermatologist you will often be told that skin problems in adults were often caused by sun exposure in childhood. Protecting our children today by installing residential window film may be the best investment we will ever make.

Commercial Window Film

Window films have been used in commercial buildings for several decades now as more and more architects and general contractors become aware of the products and their benefits. Decorative and privacy films are among the most highly specified films. These have almost completely replaced sandblasted and etched glass as a means of achieving privacy while still allowing some light into an area of a building. Corporate logos can be printed using frosted films in any color and are easily changed and replaced when the building changes hands.

Commercial buildings such as offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and airports are extremely expensive to heat and cool. Even in the so called cooler states the savings which building owners and administrators can achieve by installing solar control films are substantial. Commercial buildings with older windows will have high cooling costs in summer and high heating bills in the winter. Owners will at some point consider window replacement to upgrade the building. However, applying window film to the existing windows can allow a single pane window to perform like a double pane window, and for a fraction of the cost.
The fastest growing segment of commercial window films is security film. Security films can stop even the most determined intruder and are being specified by retail stores, schools, office buildings and local/ federal government buildings including airports.

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